Monday, October 27, 2014

Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

Remember the huge sunflower Corbin grew this summer?

While Grandpa was here, he encouraged the kids to harvest the seeds.
I have planted sunflowers lots of times but it seemed like too much work for the seeds.

The kids were thrilled to do it though.

First, they cut off the head:

then they scraped out the seeds:

then they sorted them.
We then googled how to get them ready to eat.
There were lots of options (including a 24 hour brine)
but Corbin choose the route that was the quickest.
After nearly 2 hours of baking with salt, we had an edible treat.
Not too bad at all.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Corn Maze -- the tradition continues

It just so happens that during fall break, Grandma and Grandpa O came to visit 
on their way home from the beach.

We are a perfect stop off point between Oregon and Colorado. :)

They came with us to the AWHC Harvest Days activities.

Corbin got a piece of wood branded:

We saw a really chuck wagon and decided we wouldn't want to live there.

We played in a straw bale maze

And went through the corn maze.

It was such a warm day.
The boys were smart and wore t-shirts while the girls wore sweaters.

My mother-in-law had never been through a corn maze before and didn't find it all that interesting.
She said, "I thought there would be something to see in here."

I said, "You should have asked because we have done this a's our tradition."

She said, "I think you need a new tradition."  

I think she is probably right. ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Break

Last week the kids had two days off of school for fall break.  So, what did we do?
We cleaned's becoming our tradition.
Makayla is more of a hoarder so it took 2 hours to go through her room.
Corbin's only took 30 minutes.
With the work done, I then gave them the option to pick some activities.

For participating in the walk-a-thon, the kids had received a stack of coupons and certificates.
I let them choose a meal, a dessert and an activity.

They chose Chick-fil-a, Wendy's frosty and the Fun Park.

Skating was a highlight.  

I can't believe how much better they have gotten since last year.
They are really growing up.

Makayla had a great time:
Her giggle proves it.

Corbin practiced his skills going backwards.

I practiced sitting back with my feet up just watching.

Win! Win!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Watching the Salmon Run

A couple of weeks ago, we headed up the canyon to see the Salmon Run.  
In all the time I have lived here we have never gone so when Rex and Dessa suggested it, 
we jumped at the chance.  

It was pretty neat.
If I waned philosophical, I'm sure I could tie the experience of the fish 
to some important meaning of life but that may just be too deep for here. :)

Let's just say it was inspirational to see how the fish
"Just kept swimming"

Corbin liked throwing twigs and leaves into the water up stream and follow it down.
I drew a line when he wanted to throw rocks.
Those fish were going through enough!

Makayla was happy to spend time with Dessa.

We had to get a few family shots...thanks to Whitney!

And a sunset shot on the way beautiful!

To be inspired yourself, see the video of the fish swimming up stream.
They don't seem to go anywhere but they just keep going.
There is something to be said about that.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boot it!

Corbin had another successful season of soccer with Ryan as his coach.  
This year he played on the big field with actual positions.  
He was a defender and he liked to "boot it".  
It wasn't until the season was almost over that he asked me, "What does boot it mean?"  
I guess he likes to kick it really hard.  
Either way, he has a great time and can't wait until spring to play again.