Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break -- Baby Animal Days - Day 2

On Friday night, my sister and her family stayed the night with us.  
They had tickets to General Conference and we were able to watch their youngest (Madelyn) 
while they went to SLC.
The kids loved having "cousin time".

Between the sessions on Saturday we went to Baby Animal Days again.
Both kids had things they wanted to show Mads.

We got there just in time for the candy cannon and the kids filled their pockets with taffy.
Top on the list was a chance to see the baby turtles.
Even though the line was huge and it was cold outside, we endured it for a chance to hold the babies:

If you ask me, it wasn't worth it but the kids disagree.

As a reward for their patience, Ryan wanted to get the kids rock candy suckers...he seemed to forget their pockets were already stuffed with taffy...oh well. :)

Next it was on to see the ducks 

and the chicks.  
The big draw were the baby bears but the kids decided that line was not worth it.  
The same was not true for them and the train ride.
So again, we waited in line (in the rain) so we could ride the train.

That night, while Ryan went to the Priesthood session, we made individual pizzas.
The kids were able to decorate them any way they wanted.

Of course, Makayla and Corbin had to make faces.

Mini-pizzas were a hit!
A fun was to end spring break.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring break -- Baby Animal Days -- Day 1

For most of the rest of spring break, Ryan and I were putting up sheetrock in our basement.
So fun! 
**I say that dripping with sarcasm just to be clear.
We did take a break to take the kids to Baby Animal days on the "Members Only" day.
It was cold and started snowing while we were there but there were no lines and the kids were able to hold some baby animals...that's the whole point right?

There were ducks:

and chicks:

And of course we had to take a pony ride:


On the way out, the kettlecorn vendor gave us 4 bags of popcorn for free.
Hot chocolate one day, Popcorn the next.
Can't beat that!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring break -- Aquarium

The Aquarium was packed!
I guess everyone had the same idea as us.
Waiting in line out in the cold was not much fun but once we got it i didn't mind the crowds too much.

Of course, Flat Stanley had to come.

Even though the place was huge, we saw everything in about one hour and half.
Plus we saw our favorites twice.

Corbin and I loved the shark tank...
a tunnel you walked through the the fish would swim over your head.

Makayla loved the penguins.

The first time we visited the penguins, they were just standing around because 
someone was cleaning their habitat.  
She was done by the time we came around the second time and then we were really able to see the action.  
I gave Makayla the camera and she recorded them diving and swimming.  


Pretty exciting.

On our drive home, it was quite a blizzard but Ryan saw a sign for Dunkin Donuts and
decided to take a detour.  Most delicious detour ever. :)
While there, the manager apologized for not having a complete selection
(though we were able to pick out the 6 we wanted without a problem)
and gave each of us a free Hot Chocolate.
What could be better than that?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring break -- Temple Square and swimming

Last week, the kids had spring break.
We hadn't planned to do too much but at the last minute we decided to go to 
Salt Lake City for an overnight trip.
We booked a hotel with a pool and got tickets to the Aquarium.

Our first stop was to the City Creek Mall where I was able to use the gift card they sent me 
as an apology for my skirt getting caught in the escalator.  
It's much more fun to go shopping when I'm not spending my own money! :)

We had dinner at Johnny Rockets where the jukebox ate our money and our waiter was super slow.  
Not the best dining experience.

And then we walked over to temple square and walked around the temple grounds.
It was soooo cold but it was so beautiful.  
I couldn't believe the colors.
The grass was so green and the flowers so purple.  
It was amazing.  

We wandered around the grounds until way after 8pm.  

Even though it was late, our next stop was the hotel pool.  
This was not just any pool.  
This pool has a water park and slide.
The kids LOVED it!

We were lucky we went to the pool that night because it was closed the next day for a "shock" treatment.
Ryan found out when we checked in because he had asked about pool hours.  
I felt bad for the families who didn't know.
At the breakfast buffet the next morning, a pair of 4 year old twins came to breakfast
in their suits only to find out the pool was closed.  So sad!

We hadn't taken any pictures the night before so Makayla wanted to take Flat Stanley over to the pool.
Grins and Fins.
Kind of fun!
Next stop...the Aquarium!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Egg-stravaganza at the Zoo

On Saturday, while Ryan and uncle Rex worked on the electrical lines in the basement (yahoo!),
 I took the kids to the zoo for some early Easter activities.

First thing we were able to take a picture with the Easter Bunny.
We timed our arrival just right because EB took lots of breaks and naps so we were lucky to run into him.

Next we made some little skunks out of plastic eggs.
The glue wasn't very sticky so we lost some parts (until we could hot glue them at home)
and some how I missed out on a picture with them.

Next we did sailboat races.
The kids did it 3 times.  Corbin won the first, Makayla the second and it was a tie the third.
Pretty fun!

Makayla has an assignment to share some of her Spring Break activities with 
Flat Stanley and then show them to her class so he jumped into the sailboat picture.  

 The kids favorite animal was the bobcat.  
He seemed to be ignoring us when we arrived but Corbin was sure he could "speak" bobcat
so eventually Corbin got him to sit up and take a picture with us.

He's in this shot:
Can you spot him?

Now up close!

After our visit with the bobcat, we did a egg/spoon race and then went to feed the ducks.
Makayla almost had them eating out of her hand.

While we were feeding the ducks, the peacock decided to join us.  
I had never been so close to a peacock before.  
It was a little creepy!
Corbin decided he didn't really like being around the peacock and couldn't wait to get away from him.
It's probably a good thing that he didn't splay his feathers. :)