Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Busy Weekend

Two weekends ago, my parents came to visit.
They came during Heritage days so we had a packed weekend.

First we went to the Heritage days parade.
The kids came away with so much candy.

Next we went to the carnival where the kids had a great time playing games and playing in the blow up bounce houses.  This year they added water.  Makayla wasn't sure but then she went for it.

They got drenched. :)

That night we went to see the Four Seasons Theater Production of
"Marry Poppins".

We went because my cousin, Whitney, was the Bird Woman.  She sang "Feed the Birds."
She did such a great job.

When the curtain went up for the show we found out that our neighbor was the lead (Bert).
He is the primary chorister in our ward right now.

Funny story...turns out when we lived at our old house, the woman who played Mary Poppins was the primary chorister when Makayla was a sunbeam.  Both leads have taught our children music.
Such a small world!

It was such a great production.  One of the best I have seen in a long time.
Without Whitney being in it we would have never thought to go and we would have really missed out.  I'm so glad we were able to see it.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Celebrating 10 years!

This year Ryan and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.
To make it something special, we decided to plan a get away without the kids.
It would be our first trip alone since our honeymoon.
10 years!

We decided to go to San Diego.
My parents agreed to watch the kids.
Ryan asked me what I wanted to do while we were there.
I made a list and he planned the whole thing.
So nice!

The first day we stopped in SLC.
We went to a temple session where we were the witness couple and the temple president welcomed  us into the session room.  Pretty special.
The next morning we went to see The Music and the Spoken Word.
Ryan listens to it each week on TV but it was great to be there live.
Just before the program began, they told us about the importance of staying quiet.
It was a live show and any noise could not be edited out.
The crowd quieted down and a few minutes in we heard a scream.
We couldn't see what had happened but the show continued without missing a beat.
Turns out one of the cameramen had fainted and fallen from the stage.
A lady from my mom's ward who was there to see her daughter perform in the orchestra was right there when it happened.  Such a small world.
Such a weird experience.
We never heard if the man was okay or not. 

After the performance we packed up and headed to Las Vegas.
Ryan had been playing a game online for months beforehand and had earned 
a lot of bonuses he could redeem in Vegas.
We were comped our room at the Mirage, got 2 for 1 dinner buffet at MGM and breakfast buffet at the Belagio.  We did a ton of walking in 100+ heat and that's how we experienced Vegas.

One night in Vegas and we were finally headed to our real destination...San Diego.
Using Ryan's parents time share points (like we did for our honeymoon), we stayed at the Wyndham Resorts in the Gaslight District.

It was a very central location and perfect walking distance to shops and restaurants.  
Our first night, we ate at a seafood place on the water.  The setting was beautiful and I decided to try the fish.  Still not much of a fan.

San Diego Day 1:
The next morning we got on a ferry and went to Coronado Island where we rented bikes and went around the town.  The bikes had electric motors you could use if you wanted.
Ryan hardly used his at all but I became a little addicted.  If Ryan would get a little ahead of me, I just revved the handlebar a crank and I caught up.  Fantastic!

The ferry took us back and then we took a tour of the USS Midway Museum (a aircraft carrier).
This was on Ryan's list of what he wanted to do and we really did! 
3 1/2 hours!
There was a self-guided audio tour that was pretty interesting.
I definitely had my fill of that boat....but Ryan was in heaven!
Boats and planes....nothing better. 

Done with the museum, we now headed for a boat tour of San Diego bay.
I loved being on the water but I was grateful for my jacket because it was freezing!

Our final tourist stop was to see the statue called "Unconditional Surrender".
It was just as the sun was setting and I caught the most perfect picture.
I love how it turned out:  

After a long day of boats and water we were starving.  
We decided to use Yelp to find a good Mexican place in the area near our hotel.  
We found one and took a seat outside because the place was packed.
We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into.
Turns out it was Taco Tuesday, the tacos were cheap, the drinks were flowing and we were the oldest patrons by about 15 years.
It was a really good taco though. :)

San Diego Day 2:

On Wednesday morning we went to the San Diego temple.  
We planned to do a session but due to technical difficulties the next session was cancelled.  
We didn't want to wait for the next session to start so we decided to do sealings instead.  

The temple is beautiful.
It was a good experience for us.

After changing clothes we went to a restaurant featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.
Pizzeria Luigi.
That was on my list of things to do and it turns out that there is a reason it is considered a dive. :)
They only accepted cash so we had to use the ATM at the bar next door.

Our next stop was the Japanese Friendship Garden...also on my list.
So beautiful with so many things to see.
We also wandered around Balboa Park.
We took a shot of this funny dragon to share with the kids.

Next we headed to the site of the Mormon Battalion.
We went through the tour and panned for gold.
We even got our picture taken.

We had dinner at OB Noodles which was also featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives.
I had a cold noodle plate...delicious! and Ryan had pho.

We were walking distance to the beach so we took a little stroll.  
With miles and miles of beach available, we ended up at the dog beach:

What are the chances?  Ryan claims he didn't know but I have my doubts. :)
Daisy would have loved it.

San Diego Day 3:  

On Thursday morning Ryan wanted to drive north to Downtown Disney to do some shopping and pin trading.  That was on his list. :)

On the way there I wanted to find a quaint place to have breakfast.  Yelp to the rescue.
We found a cute little row of shops with a Cape Cod feel.
We ate at Stratford at the Harbor and were served a dreamy coffee cake. So fun!

The Lego store had some phenomenal displays.

So, who did it better?

The next day we packed it up and headed back to Las Vegas.  This time Ryan wanted to eat at Hofbrauhaus, a german restaurant.  The original was featured on the Amazing Race.  Ryan had visited there when he was a teenager and loved it.  He couldn't wait to get back.  
He was in heaven.
He sent play by play pictures to his family in the hopes of making them feel jealous.
I think it might have worked. ;)

He is still raving about the meal.
My favorite was the cranberry sauce that came with the schnitzel.  

We then made it to St. George where we stayed in my parents winter house.
That night we went to Tuacahn Theater and watched "When You Wish".

It was a wonderful show.

It was such a fun trip.
I'm thankful that Ryan planned it and that my parents were able to watch the kids.
It was a great way to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Weekend Getaway -- Colorado

For Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to Colorado.
And guess who came with us?
The kids were thrilled.
Me? Not so much.
But I'm learning to adapt.

We did lots of fun things are Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We went swimming at the local rec center:

We used bows and arrows.

And we rode on the 4-wheelers.

Only posed for a picture -- they never actually drove without an adult.
We went shopping and we saw a beautiful double (some claim triple) rainbow...
none of our pictures really captured it.  

We ate lots of delicious food and the kids had a great time playing with their cousin.

On the way home with stopped at Little America in Wyoming for $.75 ice cream cones.
Ask the kids and they may say that was a highlight of the trip.  :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Corbin -- Random Facts

For some reason I have a bunch of random photos for Corbin 
so I've decided to make a post all about him.  

He earned 250 Reading Counts points at school for books read and quizzes passed. 
That meant he was able to eat breakfast with the principal on a special day.
Pretty cool.

He has been active in soccer with Ryan as his coach.

He had another successful season and has decided to go competitive.
Practice jersey for competitive
Fingers crossed it will still be fun...we'll see.  

One night we stopped for Hawaiian Ice (ice cream in the middle of a snow cone)
and Corbin chose blue raspberry. 
 His tongue and teeth were the same color as his eyes.  
So funny!

Always fascinated with all things "weapon", 
Corbin decided to create his own "bow and arrow" with found objects around the house.  
Pretty creative!

And the news of the season is that Corbin has finally lost his front tooth.  
We are pretty sure the other is not far behind.

Love the grin!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A visit with Grandma -- Water Troubles

Passing through on the way home from St George, my parents stopped by for a visit.
Unfortunately, there had been a problem with our community water source so we had no water.
Just so they could spend time with us, they decided to stay in a nearby hotel.

For 3 days, we could not use the water in our house because it was contaminated.  
Water is something we take for granted until we no longer had access.

Fortunately for us, we had 150 gallons of water in our food storage.
We felt prepared.  
It was not convenient (meaning it didn't flow from our pipes) but it wasn't a disaster either.  Fortunately, Rex and Dessa were willing to let us come and show at their house.  
We felt lucky.  
Still, after the city fixed the problem, we were thrilled to have things back to normal.
We felt blessing

During the "crisis" and while my parents were visiting we went to the movie "HOME".
The kids loved it.

I loved spending time with my mom.