Friday, September 19, 2014

Corbin's Birthday -- Take 2!

It wouldn't be a real birthday around here if we didn't celebrate it several times.

Rex and Dessa had a little party for Corbin when we went to their house for dinner.
They are so good to us!

We made personalized pizzas, 
Had cake:

And peach pie:

Plus we enjoyed the nice weather in their beautiful backyard.
Pretty nice!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

On the night of Corbin's birthday, we met up with Rex and Dessa and family 
to go to the Ogden Temple Open House.  
When we got the tickets we asked Corbin if that was something he would want to do 
on his birthday and he thought it was a good idea.
It was a nice way to celebrate his birthday.

The open house was beautiful and the company was great.
Afterwards we went to a little pub for some delicious pizza.
It was a great night.

All of us, minus Whitney who took the picture.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Corbin is 7!

Corbin is 7!
Where does the time go?
He is getting so grown up.
He loves all things sports and excels in school.
We are lucky to have him in our family.

His birthday stash:

He got some cool stuff.  
A lot of what he got helps him to use his's a perfect fit!

After seeing Makayla get an ipod, that is the only thing he wanted too.
His reaction isn't quite as good as hers was though.

Still I know he was thrilled.
A few nights after his birthday, I went to close his door at 9:45.
He protested (he's usually asleep by then...he had been in bed since 8) and so did I when I found out he was listening to music instead of going to sleep.
Needless to say, new rules were established. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wheels and Fishes

On the Saturday before Labor Day, we headed to Salt Lake.  

The real reason for our drive was to buy a new car.
Three weeks prior, our car had died when I was driving to work, leaving us as a one car family.
You wouldn't think that would be a big deal especially since Ryan and I work at the same place, however, our schedules are just different enough that it meant a lot of trips to campus.  
On the worst day, the kids and I dropped Ryan off at work at 8:00, came home to get them off to school and 8:30 and then me back to work at 9.  When I was off of work at 2pm, Ryan and I went to test drive some cars during his lunch hour.  I got him back to work and then headed home to meet the kids as they got home from school.  At 5 it was back to campus to pick Ryan up.  

It made for some long days and I was ready for a change.
We had been looking in dealerships close to home but with no luck so we went south.

After about 4 hours of wheeling and dealing (it is such a racket) with a dealership, 
we ended up buying this car:
Chevy Cruze
While we are thrilled to have a new car (this kids are always saying..."I just love this car"), it's a little scary taking on a payment again.  Fingers crossed everything will work out. :)

As a reward for their good behavior and because we had return trip tickets that were about to expire, we went to the Aquarium.

We loved the sharks:

Love Makayla's freaked out face...she thought that polka dotted one might get her.  :)

And the bridge:

But the favorite this time was the sting rays.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of School

Okay, so the kids have been in school for almost 3 weeks and I'm just getting around to posting about the first day of school.  Things have been busy around here...I need a break. ;)

Corbin was pretty excited about going to school ALL day.
He is also in the Spanish immersion class so half day his teacher only speaks Spanish.
We were told the kids will come home tired and frustrated but we haven't seen anything like that
(other than his normal tired/frustrated behavior).
He loves learning Spanish. 

Makayla was most excited about wearing new clothes (and posing).
For 1st and 2nd grade she had the same teacher and her best friend in her class.
This year she has a new teacher and will need to make new friends.
She's my little social butterfly so I'm not worried about her.

Of course we had to try some jumping "action" shots:

These are most of the kids they walk to school with.

Once we were in the school, Makayla wanted nothing to do with  me.  
She is in 3rd grade you know, but Corbin let me take a picture in his classroom.  

My kids are growing up!